Chess In The Library

Chess In The Library

Saturday, 8 March 2014

East Region Tournament

Exciting news for chess enthusiasts of all ages! The Chess in the Library East Region Tournament is coming soon! Our West Region Tournament was a day full of fun and competitive play and we're looking forward to making this event just as successful. The tournament will be rated under CMA and there are prizes to be won if you do well!  This is a great chance for anyone who loves playing chess to meet new people and sharpen their skills. We look forward to seeing you!

Sign up here! :

North York Central (5120 Yonge Street, M2N 5N9)
March 15, 2014
11:30 am - 4pm

Monday, 3 February 2014

West Region Tournament

On Saturday November the 23rd, Humberwood Library was host to our West Region Tournament! 34 people participated in all, making for a really fun day.
Everyone's thinking hard!

For the first time, we sold pizza. The tasty and satisfying meal kept our participants energized for four rounds of intense chess. The tournament was split into 3 categories: Grade 3 and under, Grade 6 and under, and Open. It was rated under CMA, and the winners of each category were also awarded prizes. 

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Grade 3 and under 1 William Wayne Orr 2 Andrew Lin 3 Jorge Jorda
Grade 6 and under 1 Tawsif Kamal 2 Julia Rodrigues 3 Diana Lin
Open 1 Jagdev Kondal 2 Raymond Quan 3 Rupin Khadwal
Of course, participation is also important and with the practice and experience that all of the participants got, everyone's a winner! That's why we gave everyone who came a certificate of participation. Thanks to all who showed up, and we hope to see you again for future tournaments!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

As 2014 swings into full gear, we'd like to thank you all for making this past year such a success.
To our participants, thank you so much for coming out to our various branches. It makes us really happy to see you enjoying the game of chess! At the end of the day, we do this all for you guys so we really appreciate your patronage.
To our sponsors and donors, thank you for providing the resources to make this all possible. Your donations help us expand and , as a nonprofit organization, you're a crucial part of our success.
Last but not least, thank you to our volunteers! You've donated your time and hard work over the past year to make our program enjoyable for everyone. Of course, as a growing organization we are constantly in need of more help! If you would like to join our team of volunteers and help us continue our success into 2014, please fill out the form below.

Once again, happy new year to everyone! May this year be even better than the last.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

West Region Tournament!

Good news! Next Saturday is Chess in the Library's West Region Tournament. If you enjoy playing chess and want a chance to sharpen your skills, this is the event for you. There are several prizes waiting to be won! Plus, registration is free so definitely come check it out.  See you there!

Sign up:
Humberwood Library
850 Humberwood Blvd
Sat. November 23
11am - 4pm.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

New Branches

We are very excited to extend a warm welcome to the latest members of our Chess in the Library family! 

Juan de Fuca Branch 
Victoria, British Columbia

This program started on September 25th, 2013, and is held every Wednesday from 6:45-7:30pm. It is also our very first branch in British Columbia!

Albion Bolton Branch 
Caledon, Ontario

Our first branch in Caledon public library started on October 3rd, 2013, and the program runs every Thursdays from 6:45 - 8:00pm.

Cyril Clark, Chinguacousy, Mount Pleasant Village, and South Fletcher's Branches
Brampton, Ontario

pic name
Cyril Clark Library

Last but certainly not least, we have started four branches in Brampton! They started on October 5th, 2013.The Cyril Clark, Chinguacousy, and Mount Pleasant Village branches run every Saturday from 10:30 - 12, and the South Fletcher's branch runs from 3:00 pm to 5 pm.

All of the new branches have been a tremendous success so far, and we're really glad to see that our program is continuing to grow. Of course, we would be nothing if not for the hard work and dedication of our amazing volunteers, and we are currently in need of help! If you think you have what it takes to join the team, please take the time to fill out the application at

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Junior Executive Applications

Are you going to grade 10 or 11? Do you want to experience the leadership internship of a lifetime? Apply to be a Junior Executive today! There are 5 open position:

Junior Executive President
Junior Executive Vice-President
Junior Executive Treasurer
Junior Executive Volunteer Coordinator
Junior Executive Arts/Web Designer

For each position, you will be working an internship with the respective executive member for the coming year. There is a lot of work involved but also although of room to learn, grow bonds and gain leadership skills. It is an experience you do not want to miss out on!

If you are interested in applying, e-mail us at to get the form to apply. Completed forms are to be mailed to All forms are due Friday, August 16th at 11:59pm! After going through the forms, you will be called for an interview that will take place before the end of August.

If you ever have any questions, want more information or any problems arise, please e-mail us at so we can help you out. Best of luck to all!

Monday, 29 July 2013

2013 Annual Festival

What a day!  Our Annual Festival took place on Saturday June 29, 2013.  It was a great success, and 62 participants attended the festival.  The day was fun-filled with tournaments, chess jokes, puzzles, a giant chess set, and a chess simul by our chess champion Mike Ivanov.  With so many exciting activities to do, it’s pretty safe to say that everyone had a good time.

Personally, there was nothing more rewarding than seeing the determination of young chess enthusiasts and their joy at their triumphs.  

Our founder, Yuanling Yuan, who started CITL at age 14 and now attends Yale University, presented a speech at the festival. 

One of our first and most honoured donors, the Southam Family, gave a speech at the tournament. 
Of course, how can we forget the awards?  Regardless of the tournament outcome, we were extremely proud of everyone and their hard work.  Once again, a huge congratulations to our winners!

Our overall winners are from the North York Central Library!

 Grade 3 and under section winners
1. Thomas Wang 
2. Wing Li
 3. Sivan Xu

 Grade 6 and under section winners
1. Cindy Qiao 
2. Hazel Guo
 3. Evan Wong

Open section winners
1. Jonathan Chan
 2. Jagdev Kondal
 3. Benjamin Lin
Our new executive was also selected!  The CITL executive team for 2013-2014 is:
President – Mohit Verma
Vice President – Jessica Cao
Volunteer Coordinator – Terry Zhang
Treasurer – Jessie Li
Webmaster – Zelin Liu

We sincerely thank all of our volunteers, supporters, and members.  None of this would have been possible without you!

Moving forward, we can’t wait to bring you many fun and exciting events in the coming year.